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area icon8 Old Char Wharf, Station Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1EF
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8 Old Char Wharf, Station Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1EF

From Import and Export to Container Loading in Crawley | Unique Client Benefits

Here at Absolute Freight Services Ltd, we provide services as a freight forwarder for a wide range of clients. From private customers, travellers and small traders to large businesses, manufacturing companies and logistics companies, we work with individuals and groups spanning the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. A significant amount of our business comes from the repeat custom of loyal clients in the Crawley area who know and trust our services to transport their goods from place to place. With expertise in international shipping, import and export procedures, safe container loading and secure warehouse and storage facilities, we excel in every aspect of freight forwarding.

For the convenience of new and returning clients alike, we have outlined below some of the benefits that comes with choosing us your freight forwarders.

The Benefits of Choosing Absolute Freight Services

  1. Experience – Our team shares 40 years of trade and industry experience, so we have the expertise to make your shipping experience smooth, efficient and hassle-free. As a time-served freight forwarder, we have considerable knowledge of import and export legislation, safe ship container loading procedures and the required documentation needed to ensure swift progress through customs. We recognise our clients in Crawley want their goods delivered as soon as possible, so that’s exactly what we do.

  2. Family-Run Business – When it comes to shipping freight overseas, our clients appreciate the truly hands-on approach that comes with our service. We aren’t the largest freight forwarder out there, but we combine the most appealing aspects of the very best. We have the expertise in import and export procedures, the rigorous quality control in container loading and the ability to provide flexible warehouse and storage solutions that come with much larger companies. But we also treat our clients with the personal, caring approach that bigger freight forwarders so often overlook.

  3. 24-Hour Operation – The cogs of international shipping never stop moving, so our operations don’t either. With freight moving around the world at all times of the day, we ensure our warehouse and storage facility, as well as our staff, have 24-hour availability. This not only guarantees safety and security at the warehouse itself, but also allows us to receive and handle any shipping developments or issues as and when they occur. Quite simply, with a constant monitoring of shipping situations, we provide our clients in Crawley with the complete service package.

  4. Road, Air and Sea – Naturally, as a reputable freight forwarder, we offer shipping options by road, air and sea. We recognise that not all cargoes have the same requirements, so while some have time-sensitive limitations or great urgency, others only require the cheapest shipping method possible. Regardless of your needs, we always find the ideal solution for our clients in Crawley and beyond. While the choice of shipping may change, our superior container loading, import and export procedures and warehouse and storage solutions always remain at the most superior standards.

If you live in Crawley and would like to discuss reliable shipping options for your business, speak with a proven freight forwarder on 03303 300 012.