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8 Old Char Wharf, Station Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1EF

International Shipping in Guildford| The Advantages of Using a Freight Forwarder

When it comes to international shipping, companies in Guildford and the surrounding areas receive an array of benefits when utilising the services of a freight forwarder. From legal aspects such as import and export documentation and safe container loading through to practical, flexible warehouse and storage solutions, the task of managing freight can soon become a headache. As such, it’s common practice to outsource the shipping of goods overseas to experienced, proven freight forwarders who simplify the process, making it more efficient and generally more beneficial to the company as a whole.

Below, we have outlined some of the more common advantages associated with the hiring of a freight forwarder.

Why Use a Freight Forwarder?

  1. Saved Time - From a purely practical perspective, utilising the services of a freight forwarder saves you and your staff a significant amount of time. Here at Absolute Freight Services, our team has a combined 40 years of trade and industry experience. As a result, we have significant expertise when it comes to import and export requirements, container loading procedures and managing ever-changing warehouse and storage needs.

    With these potentially time-consuming tasks removed from your Guildford company, you have more hours to reinvest in maintaining and developing your business.

  2. Protecting Your Business - Shipping goods from one place to another may seem relatively straightforward, but when it comes to overseas shipping, it’s a different matter. The import and export of goods overseas requires documentation and other paperwork to ensure everything can progress smoothly. If one piece of paperwork is missing or even incorrect, the cargo may not be released from customs. Naturally, this can have a huge impact on a business. In an even worse scenario, if the goods have already been released to the customer and the paperwork comes up short, the bank might refuse to release your funds. In order to avoid financial losses and customer complaints, a freight forwarder stays ahead of all paperwork needs.

  3. Flexible Warehouse and Storage Facilities - As any Guildford business owner can confirm, situations change quickly. As such, it’s always important to have the flexibility to handle a sudden change, no matter how temporary. In addition to our expertise in container loading and the import and export of goods, Absolute Freight Services also provides a 24-hour warehouse and storage facility. As your freight forwarder, we hold on to your goods for as long as you need us to before moving them on to their next, or final, destination as required. As time-served international shipping experts, we work with our supply chain to ensure goods move in and out our warehouse and storage facility in as efficient a manner as possible.

If you would like more information about the services we provide as freight forwarder in Guildford, from container loading to import and export expertise, please call us on 03303 300 012.